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The Online Kinesiology EdD is an interdisciplinary degree program specifically for practicing professionals who have a minimum of three years professional experience and desire a doctorate focused on scholarship and professional practice in leadership, advocacy and teaching. The program is designed to be completed in 4 years.

Download the brochure for more complete information on admission requirements, our 4-Year Graduation Plan, and to contact the program director.
•  Cohort-based 4-year online doctoral program including 48 hours of coursework
   and 12 hours of dissertation
•  Professional Learning Communities support student academic and professional
   growth throughout the degree program
•  Three required on-campus summer visits foster collaboration and community and
   fulfill residency requirements
•  Faculty recognized as innovative teachers and accomplished scholars at local,
   national and international levels by professional organizations including


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UNCG's online courses, programs, and degrees are available to individuals outside the U.S. and individuals located in all U.S. states EXCEPT the following: Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, and Wyoming.

Please visit our State Authorization page for more information on why UNCG has selected these states.